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An Innovative & Efficient Heating Solution with Extremely-Low Electro-Magnetic Field

Heating Ribbon’s features an innovative molecular structure, using unique metal ribbon and combines high electrical resistance, high stability, sufficient mechanical strength and significant plasticity.

The Heating Ribbon is made of crystalline metal, thus generating extremely even heating over the top of the floor covering along with superior heating performance.

As a world-leading product for under-floor heating, the Heating Ribbon is based on a most advanced and proprietary heating solution. The Heating Ribbon is designed for various indoor and outdoor applications, and is very simple and convenient to install.

Wide variety of applications Heating Ribbon products are specially designed for thin ribbon heating. It is the technology behind the product, the high efficiency and plasticity that favorably distinguishes the Heating Ribbon from other, commonly used heating cables, enabling its usage in a wide variety of applications:

  • Under-floor heating mats for: parquet, laminate tiles and ceramic-tiled flooring
  • Heating mesh incorporated in PVC sheets, flexible silicone and rubber sheets
  • Rigid radiant heating panels and profiles in different dimensions and power


Superior heating performance
The Heating Ribbon begins heating its surroundings faster than regular heating elements due to the short distance between the heating element and the floor or surface covering.

Safe source of heat & Negligible electromagnetic field
Heating Ribbon's elements have extremely-low magnetic-field and are void of dangerous and unpleasant burning of oxygen or dust. It is grounded and complete electrical safety controls are built into the system.

Suitable for all floor covering and surfaces
Due to the low working temperature of the heating ribbon, Heating Ribbon fits directly under every type of floor covering.

High Elasticity
The CTR is designed for a Flip & Turn usage, enabling various applications in different sizes and areas.

Effective cost-saving solution
As the Heating Ribbon thickness is minimal, heat is not stored in the heating element itself, all heat is dissipated into the surrounding area for superior economic operating costs.

Pampering warmth experience
The Heating Ribbon is made of an alloy that covers a large transfer area, generating even heating-spread thus ensuring a real pampering warmth experience for indoor applications.